In 2016 Wells in Woking held a short story competition and undertook to promote new literary work from the town's many talented writers. The theme was 'Alien' and entries were invited in one of five categories: Reception to year 3, Years 4-6, years 7-11, Aged 18 and under, Aged over 18. Please listen below to these fantastic stories read by magnificent narrators. 

Category 1: Primary School - Years R - 3

Category 2: Primary School - Years 4-6

Category 3: Years 7-11

Further Education Category Winners aged 18 & under

Category 5 : Aged over 18

Many thanks to all involved especially the narrators. For further information re the narrators please see below:

Gracie Beresford

Rachael Beresford

Rory Barnett

Mark Thomas

Roger Woods

Ana Clements

Sam Devereaux

Ally Murphy

Esther Wane

Toni Frutin

Natalie Chisholm

Kirsty Gillmore

Katie Flammen