Wells In Woking

Wells in Woking was created in 2013 when three Horsell residents decided to mark the 150th anniversary of H. G. Wells, the author, who had lived in Woking when he worked on several of his ‘Scientific Romances’ which spawned the Sci-Fi genre: the most famous of his works being The War of the Worlds in which he had Martians landing on Horsell Common.

The trio took their thoughts to Woking Borough Council which embraced the idea and so the Wells in Woking events of 2016 came about. The project covered all aspects of Wells’ life and works and became not only successful in the Woking area but nationally and, indeed, internationally. Perhaps intergalactically for all we know.

After three years of hard work we do not want H. G. Wells to become The Invisible Man.

To that end we intend to continue to promote his works and to start an annual Wells in Woking Day, which would be celebrated on 21 September – the anniversary of his birth.

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