In 2016 Wells in Woking held a short story competition and undertook to promote new literary work from the town's many talented writers. The theme was 'Alien' and entries were invited in one of five categories: Reception to year 3, Years 4-6, years 7-11, Aged 18 and under, Aged over 18. Please listen below to these fantastic stories read by magnificent narrators. 

James and the Octobob by Noah Finch narrated by Kirsty Gillmore

Harry Saves the Night by Harry Rammell narrated by Toni Frutin

Ronald's Space Adventure by Aditya Kalarikkal narrated by Natalie Chisholm

Have You Checked Your Garden Lately by Leo Smith narrated by Rachael Beresford

All Because of a Crisp Packet by Paola Hagen-Zanker narrated by Gracie Beresford

Peace is a Four Letter Word by Amy Somers narrated by Mark Thomas

My Story by Rhiannon Kitchener narrated by Katie Flamman

A Better Place by Tamzin Robinson narrated by Ally Murphy

Interesting Signal by Caitlyn Ward narrated by Ana Clements

Aliens, Salad and Jeremy Kyle by Ella Brown narrated by Esther Wane

MMXXVI by Liz Firth narrated by Roger Woods

The Invasion Committee by Mark Uden narrated by Rory Barnett

The Last Horsell Martian by Claire Marie Suzanne Dane narrated by Sam Devereaux