His Writing

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1878 - Wells wrote an illustrated comic book The Desert Daisy

1895 - As a novelist Wells made his debut with The Time Machine, a parody of English class division and a satirical warning that human progress is not inevitable

1895 - The Wonderful Visit

1896 - The Wheels of Chance was written at the height of the cycling craze (1890–1905), when practical, comfortable bicycles first became widely and cheaply available and before the rise of the automobile.

1896 - Wells contemplates the ideas of nature and nurture and questions humanity in books such as The Island of Doctor Moreau.

1897 - The Invisible Man

1898 - War of the Worlds

1899 - When the Sleeper Wakes

1900 - Love and Mr Lewisham

1901 - The First Men in the Moon

1902 - The Sea Lady

1903 - Mankind in The Making

1911 - Wells also wrote dozens of short stories and novellas, the best known of which is “The Country of The Blind”

1905 - A Modern Utopia

1905 - Kipps: The story of a simple soul

1906 - In the Days of the Comet

1908 - The War In the Air

1910 - Tono-Bungay and The History Of Mr Polly

1911 - Floor Games

1913 - Little Wars is recognised today as the first recreational war games and Wells is regarded by gamers and hobbyists as "the Father of Miniature War Gaming

1914 - The World set Free

1920 - The Outline of History

1923 - Men like Gods

1930 - The Science of Life

1930 - The Autocracy of Mr Parham

1931 - Happiness of Mankind

1933 - Wells predicted in The Shape of Things to Come that the world war he feared would begin in January 1940, a prediction which ultimately came true four months early, when the Second World War broke out in September 1939

1939 - The Holy Terror